Contacting companies

If you would like to do an internship in Barcelona, the best way to start is to search for companies on the internet. Make a list of companies which you find interesting and start contacting them. Keep in mind that if you contact them by email 8 of the 10 companies will not reply, or some will reply months later. Therefore, a better way to start is to call companies, find out if they are interested and if so, send your CV and application letter.

For an English internship it is recommended to contact international companies as Spanish people may have difficulties with the English language.

CV and application letter

Depending if you would like to do your internship in Spanish, English or an other language, write your CV and application letter in the relevant language. Write clearly in the application letter what you are studying or have studied, your strenghts, and why you would like to work with that certain company. Keep in mind that you use the right lay out for that certain language.

Regarding to your CV, it has to be clear but short. Try if you can write it on just one paper. Make it organised, and very important, no spelling mistakes! Read the final version over and over and let someone else check it as well to make sure that there are no mistakes in it. It has to look professional. Many companies will ask you to add a picture of you with your CV.


People always prefer that they can do an interview with you in person instead of by telephone. If it is possible, try to go to Barcelona for a few days and make an appointment for an interview. The companies prefer this, but it is nice for you as well because you will have an impression of the company being there, and of course of the people with who you are going to work with.