Wanted: Extraordinary Local Guide
for Barcelona (freelance)

A la Carte Maps is a dynamic Swiss Start-Up which provides a unique approach to traveling by combining guidebook, city map
and a piece of art in one. We are currently expanding quickly which is why
we're looking for creative & extraordinary individuals that would like to
help us grow our organization.

Job Description

regular updating of our existing
Barcelona Online Database

support in the second edition of
our “My Barcelona à la Carte” Map

Marketing/PR in Barcelona

work wherever & whenever you
want, as long as all the deadlines are kept (must have internet access and a
cell phone)

you are…

based in Barcelona

a native/proficient English &
Catalan speaker

a local who has lived in Barcelona
for many, many years

somebody who truly loves &
breathes the spirit of the city

100% professional, smart &

well-connected and well-informed:
Not only do you know many people from different backgrounds, you can also point
out the trendiest clubs as well as the yummiest tapas in town!

a passionate flashpacker
(backpacker that loves to journey in style, see our website for more


creative & used to


willing to go the extra mile. We
are perfectionists and always look for ways to improve our services as well as
our products. It is our top priority every day to make and keep our customers

We love our products as well as our job so we prefer to work with people
that share our passion as well as our mindset. Your CV counts less than your
application letter: Tell us why YOU
would be the best ambassador for your city. Surprise us. Convince us.

We look forward to meeting you very soon: jobs@alacartemaps.com

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