Walking into this very unique and elegant cocktail bar is like stepping into a tropical cave. This emblimatic establishment has a priveleged location in the center of Barcelona's Gothic neighbourhood, just off one of the main shopping streets (c/ Aviñon) with enjoys turism all year round. It is a 3 minute walk from The Ramblas, very close to the Plaza Real, and a 10 min. walk from the beach. It is also close to 3 metro stations, bus and taxi stops. What had formerly been a famouse Tablao Flamenco spot for many years (hence the cave-like interior still conserved on the ground floor), it was transformed by hand, over a 14 month period by it's present owners into a beautiful, mosaic-clad cocktail bar. Currenty the bar serves, along with it's well-knows list of cocktails, a 'tapa'-style menu, though preparation is restricted to non-frying activities as there is no extraction system as of yet. Never the less, food can be heated with a microwave or any other non-smoke producing apparatus if needed. With more than 100m2 of space for the public, the establishment is complete with a ground floor, which boasts of stone floors, as well as an antique, oak bar adorned with stalagtites and heavy, wooden stools. The downstairs, which is a bit more cozy and perfect for couples, is also very accomodating to large groups. Each floor has it's own large, fully-functioning bar equipped with sinks, refrigerators, liquor racks, etc. The place also comes complete with with refrigeratiors, freezers, air conditioning, sound system, microwaves and custom, mosaic tables. Taking advantage of the large basement the establishment regularly hosts events such as stand-up comedy and live music nights, as well as DJ, stag, birthday and wedding parties, amongst others. In the 8 years that the current owners have been in business the place has earned a distinguished and regular client base of locals, tourists who tend to come back every time they're in town, and many ex-pats who live in the city. The married couple who are the present owners are selling as they have decided to move back to the wife's native Venezuela. As such, it is available inmediatly. The photos of the place really don't do it justice and we urge interested parties to see it for themselves.
License: 245,000€
Rent: 1,300€
Contract: 12 years
Contact: Jack McKusky
(+34) 687 765 083

Las Cuevas del Sorte