Welcome to the Wonderful Indian Tantric Temple Hindu Sai India In Barcelona
To touch itself and be inspired
while you discover the possibilities of your body.You will be guided and explored integrally across an individual Tantric oriental massage professionally, up to a luxurious world of feelings and sensations.
Our oriental massages Tantrics offer many benefits to your body/mind/ Spirit... always inspiring by your personal pleasure.
I am a 28-year-old young girl kinesóloga and reflexology qualified and my formation in Holistic massage, Indian Healing Massage, Tantric Massage, Bálí massage, tao massage, Swedish esalen masage, Thai massage, Siddha marma massage, lingam, yoni massage, Chavuti thirumal massage, Indian yoga massage, it was with teachers of high academic level: Margo Anand, Rajeev Nassib, Sri Param Swaran, Nasser Hadi, Doris Christinger, Michaela Riedl, Love Schröter sowie Lilly Schütz others.
Our Tantric Indian Temple is inscribed registered and recognized by the AMTJ Tantrism's world Association Supported by the Center Kathmandú of barcelona and by the Ashram Tantric Shiva Indian Bcn.
Our Temple does not copy technologies and texts of Internet or of other sites.It is original for it, we are genuine and only in disciplines tantric in the whole Europe because of it mark the difference of senseless and poor imitations.
The professionalism and authentic they support us this way as the teachers in Europe and in India that verifiable references give sonbre professionals of the temple, We if we have teachers already before mentioned without lies and fairy-tales that do not exist.
Besides the Tantric Hindu Temple is exclusive and only in Barcelona his interior decorator of nationality India and Teacher of Tantra Rajeev Nassib decorated it meticulously and exquisitely like in the Temples Bhudists, His golden tables of crystals, Shivas, Krishnas, Sources, Incenses and Quite they are worn of India. His disciplines and methods of educations tántrics are traditional pure of India.
Explorer my temple hindu tantric and compares us to the surroundings
For appointments and information call me one a hour Before.Thank you very much.
Roselín Kaur Devi 697613523
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remembers the tantric massage that I offer are not of sex,I do not drag my body on the person,not is interactive,Definitively in tantra is not masturbatión either is not a concealed prostitution. is professional indian Tantric Massage profesional.
Not mutual intimate nude We no Prostitution Services.

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